Water Management

M&M Sprinklers strives to keep your lawn sprinkler system running effectively and efficiently. We suggest an upgrade on any existing irrigation system that is between 10 and 15 years of age. This will get your system in tip-top shape ensuring reductions in water waste and therefore saving you money. Water is a finite and precious resource. With water restrictions a reality, and conservation a must, we offer many products to help save water and your money.

Watering in Water Restrictions

Due to the current watering restrictions, we recommend watering your trees with BullsEye Watering Mats. Find a dealer near you here or order online.  

Ways We Help Save Water

Pressure Regulated Sprinkler Head Replacement

This type of head maintains constant outlet pressure regardless of the varying inlet pressure; this constant flow of water guarantees prime performance and ends misting and fogging caused by high pressure, which saves you money!

Wireless Rain & Freeze Sensor

This innovative product senses when it rains or when the temperature drops to freezing levels and interrupts any scheduled irrigation then resets itself when the moisture or temperature are appropriate for irrigation.

Pressure Regulator

This regulator maintains a certain preset operating pressure regardless of fluctuations in incoming water pressure. This allows all head to maintain proper pressure without sacrificing water coverage.

Smart Technology

These are products that are sensor-based and evaluate climate or soil moisture levels and automatically adjust the irrigation schedule to meet the specific needs of your landscape.

Drip Irrigation

This product allows low volumes of water, which drip slowly and eliminate evaporation, runoff, and overspray. This is great for flowerbeds and eliminates any runoff or misuse of water.