About Us

What We Do

M&M Sprinklers strives to help homeowners and businesses utilize their water in the most efficient way possible. At M&M Sprinklers, we believe that water conservation starts with water management, hence the motto. Because M&M Sprinkler Systems aspires to do give the customer the best possible service and lawn sprinkler system, we keep our numbers low to ensure accountability and guarantee of our workmanship. No job is too small for M&M Sprinklers. If you are not satisfied with your sprinkler system or your current system, call us, and we’ll work until you are.

M&M Sprinklers History

M&M Sprinklers was founded by Harvey McLarty in 1982. He & his brother, Randy, began working in irrigation between farming seasons. Eventually, there was more demand for sprinklers than their interest for farming. M&M started their company by doing installations and soon moved to Lubbock in 1987. M&M evolved into doing repairs alongside installation, which is now their current focus. Currently, M&M is strictly doing service calls, but they do installs upon referrals. Each installation has its own unique design as per location. M&M Sprinklers strives to provide satisfaction by custom building a design for each property & each individual’s needs. Over the years, they have developed into renovation specialists, so even if M&M didn’t install your sprinkler, they are used to bringing it up to date.